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Season of Mist

Solstafir - I Blodi Og Anda / In Blood & Spirit 2 CD

Solstafir - I Blodi Og Anda / In Blood & Spirit 2 CD

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Originally released in 2002, "In Blood and Spirit" is the long-lost debut album from Iceland's SOLSTAFIR.


A far cry from the refined and expressive post-rock of 2011's "Svartir Sandar", "In Blood and Spirit" is unique and primitive black metal (in the vein of early ENSLAVED). The album went out-of-print almost immediately upon its release, and has been out of circulation ever since.


Now remastered, repackaged, and including a bonus second disc full of previously unreleased material, "In Blood and Spirit" is a definitive snapshot that exposes the earliest roots of this incredible band." SOM




Disc 1
1. Undir Jokli
2. I Blodi og Anda
3. The Underworld Song
4. Tormentor
5. 2000 Ar
6. Ei Vid Munum Idrast
7. Bitch in Black
8. I Viking
9. Arstidir Daudans

Disc 2
1. Undir Jokli (Demo 98)
2. I Blodi og Anda (Demo 98)
3. The Underworld Song (Demo 98)
4. Tormentor (Demo 98)
5. 2000 Ar (Demo 98)
6. Piano Song (Demo 98)
7. Ei Vid Munum Idrast (Demo 97)
8. Bitch in Black (Demo 97)
9. I Víking (Demo 97)
10. Undirheimalagid (Rehearsal 97)


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