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The Tale of Mercian Storm…

The establishment of the Mercian Storm Mailorder came after many years of working, playing live and releasing records in the depths of the UK extreme Metal scene. 


With Winter Solstice of 2013, bringing to an end a seven year coalition with one of the then prominent UK Metal industry labels, the seeds for Mercian Storm were planted in order to continue the distribution of as many extreme and difficult to find Metal products as possible. 


As the Summer Solstice of 2014 approached the framework and strategy had finally come to fruition and now, reunited with recent and old comrades alike, I've spent the past decade continuing this work.


Hereby I thought it prudent to note that Mercian Storm does not agree with the views of some of the individuals behind the bands sold on this site, but furthermore chooses to condemn censorship that stifles musical art in whatever form and so hold to the value of providing products that you, my customers, wish to purchase. It is then up to you, the individual, to decide what you want to attain from the music you listen to whether it is pure aural enjoyment or a ready made lifestyle philosophy. Either way for you to enforce your religion or ideology onto others as a way of controlling their expression and enjoyment of life is an unacceptable level of authoritarian control best left to oppressive regimes.


My involvement with politics and religion always has and always will revolve around environmental issues and humanity’s current role as a steward to the ongoing longevity of this planet.

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