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Sargeist - Black Devotion Will Let The Devil In 5 CD Box Set

Sargeist - Black Devotion Will Let The Devil In 5 CD Box Set

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CD1 (Satanic Black Devotion)
1. Preludium 
2. Satanic Black Devotion 
3. Obire Pestis 
4. Frowning, Existing 
5. Glorification 
6. Panzergod 
7. Black Fucking Murder 
8. Sargeist 
9. Returning To Misery & Comfort
CD2 (In Ruin And Despair)
1. In Ruin & Despair 
2. Questing The Blessing Of Evil 
3. Profane Bleeding Call 
4. At The Altar Of The Beast 
5. Skullsplitting Manifest 
6. Degradation Song 
7. In Torture We Trust 
8. To The Lord Our Lives 

CD3 (Tyranny Returns)
1. Preludium: Golden Seed Of Father-Sun 
2. Anti-Human Black Metal Wrath
3. Night Of Sacred Wisdom 
4. Dark Fortress 
5. Scion Of Glory & Pride 
6. Interludium 
7. The Impaler Prince 
8. Sinister Glow Of Funeral Torches 
9. Sworn By The White Wolves Blood 
10. Iron, Blood & Blasphemy 
11. Postludium: Silver Womb Of Mother-Moon

CD4 (Disciple Of The Heinous Path)
1. Black Treasure Of Melancholy 
2. Remains Of An Unholy Past
3. Cursed Blaze Of Rituals 
4. Disciple Of The Heinous Path 
5. Heretic Iron Will 
6. Echoes From A Morbid Night

CD5 (Let The Devil In)
1. Empire Of Suffering
2. A Spell To Awaken The Temple 
3. From The Black Coffin Lair 
4. Burning Voice Of Adoration 
5. Nocturnal Revelation 
6. Discovering The Enshrouded Eye 
7. Let The Devil In
8. Sanguine Rituals
9. Twilight Breath Of Satan 
10. As Darkness Tears The World Apart
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