Sargeist - Black Devotion Will Let the Devil In 5 CD Box Set - SHIPPING NOW!

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Collects the four albums and split EP with Horned Almighty from their Moribund tenure of 2003-2010, class.

Shipping now ahead of the 26-6-20 release date as are the Xasthur and Azaghal box sets while stocks last!!



CD 1. Satanic Black Devotion 41:35
CD 2. In Ruin & Despair / To the Lord Our Lives 35:04 (Includes the Horned Almighty tracks!)
CD 3. Tyranny Returns 41:55
CD 4. Disciples of the Heinous Path 38:36
CD 5. Let the Devil In 46:45

Total Run Time: 3:23:55