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Blood Music

Perturbator - B-Sides And Remixes Vol. I Digipak CD

Perturbator - B-Sides And Remixes Vol. I Digipak CD

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 "Smash dark electro hit Perturbator has crashed onto the scene with an insane force. 

A perfect rehash and improvement upon 1970s and 1980s analog synthesized film scores – recounting Blade Runner and the like – this is the definitive collection of the Parisian artist's extremely sought-after remixes in a highly demanded first ever physical printing.

A guaranteed high seller, following the massive success of “The Uncanny Valley”, “New Model”, and his landmark album “Dangerous Days” which alone has sold more than 30,000 copies between all formats since release.

This is an incredible highly demanded physical pressing of the internationally acclaimed electro phenom's brilliant remixes and re-imaginings of other great synth artists' works during his ultra-popular early synthwave period. " Blood Music


1. In Disquise (Dead Astronauts)
2. Unhappy Woman (Dead Astronauts)
3. These Bones (Have Left You) (Dead Astronauts)
4. B Side (Dead Astronauts)
5. I Am the Program (Mega Drive)
6. Shock Doctrine (Reznyck)
7. Orchid (Dizkodeath)
8. Night Slasher II (Lueur Verte)
9. Another Sleepless Night (Slick Moranis)
10. Behemoth (GosT)  

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