Kroda - Ginnungagap Ginnungagaldr Ginnungakaos Digipak CD

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A masterclass in Black / Pagan Folk Metal extreme yet melodic, harsh but atmospheric Kroda have once more pushed the standards of their work beyond our expectations and delivered the strongest most complete album of their career (and I was pretty blown away by Schwarzpfad) and an album that is going to take some beating in this genre as a whole, marvellous!

And for any that would like to know the album title roughly translates as “Yawning Void, Yawning magic, Yawning Kaos”.

Recommended For Fans Of: Drudkh, Taake, Nokturnal Mortum and Temnozor.

Track Listing:

На Курилах Шторму – (Mikrokosm GinnungaGaldr) On The Wings Of Storm     4:55
Штрига Повні – Fullmoon Witch     5:21
Навій Схрон – Navij Skhron     4:18
Чорні Хребти Карпат – Black Carpathian Spines     4:43
Прірва Себе – (Mikrokosm GinnungaGap) Avgrunn Av Selv     5:17
Туманом Снігової Імли – By The Mist Of Snowy Haze     4:07
Здохніть разом із Богом своїм! – Die With Your God!     3:54
Нічного Неба Очі – (Mikrokosm GinnungaKaos) Nightsky Eyes     5:26