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Hollywood Burns - Invaders Digipak CD

Hollywood Burns - Invaders Digipak CD

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Hollywood Burns has arrived to reclaim electro and dance music with his debut album “Invaders”. Perfectly melding everything from 80's electro and rock, to 70's funk and disco, to the spirit of 1950's radio dramas and science fiction movies, Hollywood Burns wraps the entire astounding package in a dressing of high quality orchestral arrangements bringing to mind the inspired film scores of Jerry Goldsmith (Gremlins) and Bernard Herrmann (Psycho).


A truly unique offering in the synthwave scene to revitalize and carry it forward in a bold new direction, Hollywood Burns are poised to carve their place in the electro legend pantheon next to Blood Music labelmates Perturbator, GosT, and Dan Terminus. 



1. Opening Titles

2. Black Saucers
3. Scherzo No. 5 in Death Minor
4. Carnal Encounters of the Third Kind
5. Girls With Guns
6. L'Era delle Ceneri
7. Bazaar of the Damned
8. Came to Annihilate
9. Revenge of the Black Saucers
10. Survivors

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