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Hate Forest - Scythia CD

Hate Forest - Scythia CD

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The first demo from 1999!

"This album was recorded more than 10 (now 20) years ago in cheap studio with minimum equipments in Ukraine, though this is real, sincere crushing black metal !
The way it should be!" OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS


1. The Unity 1:24 (Instrumental)
2. Scythia 07:03 
3. Forgotten Voice of Black Perun 1:18 (Instrumental)
4. Shining Abyss 4:30 
5. Forest of Nevres 4:34 
6. Attila 4:07 
7. Herros 2:03 (Instrumental)
8. To Those Who Came Before Us 11:08 (Bonus Track)

Run Time: 36:07

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