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Tank Crimes

Ghoul - Maniaxe CD

Ghoul - Maniaxe CD

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"Creepsylvania's GHOUL have proven that hooded cannibalistic thrash metal has stood the test of time and will not be stopped. Sick guitar riffs, catchy as hell, critical for moshing. Shouted group vocals and death metal growls and grunts. They don't stop there as they can turn up the reverb and belt out some killer surf jams. Don't get injured, killed or eaten, buy this LP. Live for metal, die for GHOUL!" Tankcrimes Records



 1. Pleasant Screams / Forbidden Crypts  
2. Maggot Hatchery   
3. Sewer Chewer   
4. Ghoul Hunter   
5. Numbskull   
6. Boneless   
7. Maniaxe   
8. Mechanized Death
9. The End?   
10. What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong cover)

Run Time: 34:19

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