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Blood Music

Dan Terminus - The Wrath of Code Digipak CD

Dan Terminus - The Wrath of Code Digipak CD

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"Hailing from the legendary land of the binary masters, Dan Terminus has arrived triumphantly and quickly to the underground retrosynth scene. While still relatively obscure in the electro underground, Terminus's steady output (three albums and one EP completed within his first year of action!) has seen an *incredible* growth in his melodic canon with every single new release, leading up to the launch of his latest and greatest album, "The Wrath of Code."

Each new work has seen Terminus's mastery progress five-fold, and with "The Wrath of Code," he has finally arrived to challenge the contemporary masters in the genre. Referencing the melodic ingenuity of Perturbator, mixed with the raw aggression of Gost, and a dose of incomparable hyperactivity - "The Wrath of Code" is perhaps the first thoroughly masterful synthwave action film score to a movie that never existed." Blood Music 



1. Cherenkov Blue Overdriver 
2. Heavy Artillery 
3. Avalanche 
4. Death by Distortion 
5. The Chasm 
6. Eternal Annihilator 
7. It's Too Bad She Won't Live 
8. Grim 
9. Restless Destroyer 
10. Pegasus Pro Ultra Fusion 
11. Tuned to a Dead Channel 
12. Detonation 
13. The Wrath of Code (feat. Perturbator)

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