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No Colours

Abyssic Hate - A Decade of Hate Digipak CD

Abyssic Hate - A Decade of Hate Digipak CD

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This release is dedicated to Einar Andre Fredriksen (4/6/1973 - 10/1/2003).

Tracks 1-7: Cleansing of an Ancient Race
1994 demo: original mix

Tracks 8-13: Eternal Damnation
1997 EP: remastered in 2004

Track 14: Betrayed
A song already appeared on the Suicidal Emotions 2000 album, although this is an earlier version recorded for a No Colours compilation called No Colours Records Compilation Vol. II.

Track 1 is a sampling taken from the 1957 British horror film Night of the Demon.
Run Time: 1:01:07
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