Winterfylleth - The Fathers of Albion: An Anthology 2007-13 4 CD Box Set

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Finally in the late 00's British Black Metal made it out of the heavy shadow cast by Cradle of Filth with the arrival of Wodensthrone, Ashes and of course Winterfylleth bringing an updated vibe and distinctly English take on the music of the ever influential Eastern European hordes rather than another cut and paste Scandinavian clone!

Here England's premier Heritage Black Metal band showcase how it all began with their first three albums, demo and assorted compilation tracks - An essential purchase!


Disc I - The Ghost Of Heritage (2008)
- Track 11 and 12 are original recordings from "The Ghost of Heritage" sessions.
Both tracks were re-recorded for "The Mercian Sphere".

1. Mam Tor (The Shivering Mountain)
2. The March To Maldon
3. Brithnoth: The Battle Of Maldon (991 Ad)
4. Forging The Iron Of England
5. The Ghost Of Heritage
6. Defending The Realm
7. Guardian Of The Herd
8. Casting The Runes
9. An Englishman's Verse
10. The Ruin
11. The Honour Of Good Men On The Path To Eternal Glory

Run Time: 1:07:26

Disc II - The Mercian Sphere (2010)
- Track 10 is a re-recorded version of "Defending the Realm" from "The Ghost of Heritage".

1. Gateway To The Dark Peak / The Solitary One Waits For Grace (The Wayfarer Pt I)
2. Awakens He, Bereft Of Kinsmen (The Wayfarer Pt II)
3. The Fields Of Reckoning
4. Children Of The Stones
5. The Ruin
6. The Honour Of Good Men On The Path To Eternal Glory
7. To Find Solace... Where Security Stands (The Wayfarer Pt Iii)
8. When The Woods Were Young
9. A Valley Thick With Oaks
10. Defending The Realm

Run Time: 1:08:23

Disc III - The Threnody Of Triumph (2012)
1. A Thousand Winters
2. The Swart Raven
3. Æfterield-Fréon
4. A Memorial
5. The Glorious Plain
6. A Soul Unbound
7. Void Of Light
8. The Fate Of Souls After Death
9. Home Is Behind
10. The Threnody Of Triumph

Run Time: 1:03:24

Disc IV - Bonus Material - Demo/Compilation/Split
Tracks 1 - 3 are taken from the "Rising of the Winter Full Moon" Demo.
Tracks 4 - 6 are folk songs recorded in 2012 by Winterfylleth for a compilation called
"One & All, Together, For Home"
Track 7 is taken from a Split-Album with Drudkh called "Thousands of Moons Ago/The Gates"

1. Mam Tor (The Shivering Mountain) (Demo)
2. Casting The Runes (Demo)
3. The Ghost Of Heritage (Demo)
4. Abbots Bromley Horn Dance
5. John Barleycorn
6. The Three Ravens
7. The Gates

Run Time: 42:37