Saor - Cù-Sìth Short Sleeved T-shirt

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Printed on Gildan Heavy Cotton.

Exclusive t-shirt that has previously only been available at 2018 live shows designed by Anaïs Chareyre Art.

From the Saor Facebook:

"The Cù-Sith is a mythological hound found in Scotland.

The Cù-Sìth was feared as a harbinger of death and would appear to bear away the soul of a person to the afterlife, similar to the manner of the Grim Reaper. In this role the Cù-Sìth holds in Scottish folklore a function similar to that of the Bean Sidhe, or banshee, in Irish folklore.

According to legend, the creature was capable of hunting silently, but would occasionally let out three terrifying bays, and only three, that could be heard for miles by those listening for it, even far out at sea. Those who hear the baying of the Cù-Sìth must reach safety by the third bark or be overcome with terror to the point of death."