Nokturnal Mortum - Mirovozzrenie Double Black Vinyl LP

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Vinyl edition of Nokturnal Mortum's Mirovozzrenie album! 

For those that need the clarity that I also do, this 2004 album is an earlier Slavic version of 'Weltanschauung' (released in 2005) with the lyrics sung in Russian / Ukrainian so some of the delivery patterns will be different and most of the ambient tracks also differ from the later release. 

Unlimited Black vinyl in a great quality gatefold sleeve with gloss foil and matt spot lacquer, printed inner sleeves and A2 poster.


A1 Путь Бессмертных - The Path Of Immortals
A2 Дыханье Рагнарека - I Feel The Breath Of Ragnarok
A3 Звездная Пыль - Stardust
A4 Мировоззрение - Weltanschauung
B1 Печаль Родных Земель - Sorrow Of Native Lands
B2 Слава Героям - Hailed Be The Heroes
B3 Танец Огня и Стали - The Dance Of Fire And Steel
B4 Новая Эра Мечей - The New Era Of Swords

Run time: 41:17

C1 Бескрайние Топи - Endless Vast Swamps
C2 Нити Судьбоносной Узлы - The Knots Upon The Tread Of Fate
D1 Собирая Смерти Посев - Harvesting The Seeds Of Death
D2 Вкус Победы - The Taste Of Victory
D3 Дорога Славы - The Way Of Glory
D4 Untitled

Run Time: 32:34