Nokturnal Mortum - Verity CD Digibook

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The new album! In stock direct from the Ukraine!!

It’s been an EIGHT year wait but here finally we have the Truth!

Much has happened within the Ukraine in those years, but calling on my personal experience from the last few times I’ve seen them I believe we can expect an even more progressive take on the Folkish Ukrainian Black Metal that was honed on ‘Taste of Steel’, but one that still retains the aggression and integrity that draws us to Black Metal in the first place – simply a must have!

Glory to Heroes! Glory to Ukraine!

All Nokturnal Mortum merch, releases etc is sourced directly from the band and 100% official.

Comes as a Deluxe Digibook with Black hotfoil pressed logo.
Extensive 56 page booklet with oil painting illustrations (by the enigmatic and long time collaborator Sir Gorgoroth I do believe) and Ukrainian & English lyrics.


1. Зустріну тебе в імлі старій 02:39
2. Мольфа 08:33
3. З чортом за пазухою 06:04
4. Смерековий дід 04:49
5. Пісня хуги 08:23
6. Вовчі ягоди 09:02
7. У човні з дурнями 06:26
8. Дика вира 06:43
9. Ліра (Кому Вниз cover) 05:08
10. Чорний мед 03:42
11. Ніч богів 09:14
12. Куди пливуть вінки рікою? 03:43
Run Time: 1:14:26

English Translation: Album title “Verity”
1. I’ll Meet You in Ancient Darkness (Intro)
2. Molfa
3. With Chort in My Bosom
4. Spruce Elder
5. Song of the Snowstorm
6. Wolfish Berries
7. In the Boat with Fools
8. Wild Weregild
9. Lyre (Komu Vnyz cover)
10. Black Honey
11. Night of the Gods
12. Where Do the Wreaths Float Down the River? (Outro)

Recommended For Fans Of: Drudkh, Burshtyn, Kroda and Wodensthrone