Nokturnal Mortum - The Taste of Victory CD Digibook

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Released as hardcover digibook with new layouts and mini poster.
Tracks 1-3 recorded during 2002-2003 in M-Art studio, Kharkiv, Oriana. Tracks taken from upcoming full-length Weltanschauung.
Track 4 recorded in 2001 solely by Varggoth and Saturious. It was supposed to be included on the split album with Wojnar, which was canceled. It is the track that shows the border between old and the new face of Nokturnal Mortum.
1. The Taste of Victory 11:41
2. Weltanschauung 8:36
3. The New Era of Swords 7:38
4. As the Steel Eagle into Golden Svarga 14:51
Run Time: 42:46