Nokturnal Mortum / Graveland – The Spirit Never Dies Split CD Digipak

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A true statement of intent release for two bands already many years into their respective careers!

After many years of silence, bar the odd live appearance, Nokturnal Mortum returned to the studio in 2015 to record the tracks for this split CD alongside their Eastern bothers in arms Graveland, who despite their lengthy recoding career had never taken to the live arena until a couple of months after this CD's release in early 2016.

Though just under 40 minutes in length this is a great split EP charting Nokturnal Mortum's progression their way to recording 'Verity' and some of Rob Darken's best work of recent years, obviously with live performances and a real band playing his material for the first time.


Track Listing:


1 –Nokturnal Mortum Нескореним  3:32
2 –Nokturnal Mortum Східній Злам  7:09
3 –Nokturnal Mortum В Кайданах Часу  9:49

4 –Graveland Intro  2:11
5 –Graveland Lodowy Labirynt  7:24
6 –Graveland Ostatni Świt  7:17