Kroda - Schwarzpfad Digipak CD

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With no full release since 2007’s great ‘Fimbulvinter’, 2011 saw Kroda streamlined, as Eisenslav is pitted alone without this former collaborator of the previous 8 years. Few would have imagined that what followed would have been such a sublime offering of Black / Pagan Metal that despite their more than healthy scene none of the Ukrainian band’s managed to surpass for some years!

Recommended For Fans Of: Drudkh, Taake, Kzohh, Nokturnal Mortum

Track Listing:

1. Schwarzpfad I (First Snow) – 09:43
2. Schwarzpfad II (Universal Provenances) – 11:46
3. Schwarzpfad III (Forefather of Hangmen) – 10:21
4. Schwarzpfad IV (Heil Ragnarok!) – 11:22
5. Schwarzpfad V (Cold Aurora) – 07:16
Run Time: 50:28