Graveland - 1050 Years of Pagan Cult Black Vinyl LP

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Cracking album of classic Graveland songs played the first live lineup of the band! I'll leave it to Rob to explain...
"...We fulfilled this album with old, cult stuff from the days when Graveland played Black Metal being inspired by the dark arts that once came from the grim, freezing north. Some of our fans claim that those first releases are the best ones among Graveland discography. They truly belong to all those great Black Metal albums that built the history of the genre! I have decided to re-record those tracks again with a new line-up, consisting of very talented musicians, to show the true strength of Graveland's melody and spirit! Working on this album shared a time with an 1050 anniversary of the baptism of Poland that is so solemnly celebrated in my country. It has inspired us to entitle the album "1050 Years of Pagan Cult". We are pagans and the beliefs of our ancestors are still strong and still cultivated by their descendants!"
- Rob Darken (GRAVELAND)
High quality gatefold sleeve with A2 Poster.

Tracks 1 and 7 originally released on "In The Glare Of Burning Churches".
Track 2, originally released on "Carpathian Wolves".
Tracks 3, 8 and 9 originally released on "Thousand Swords".
Tracks 4 and 5 originally released on "The Celtic Winter".
Track 6 originally released on "Following The Voice Of Blood".


1. The Night Of Fullmoon 6:51
2. At The Pagan Samhain Night 7:00
3. Born For War 4:51
4. The Gates Of Kingdom Of Darkness 5:56
5. Hordes Of Empire 4:39
6. Thurisaz 8:22
7. For Pagan And Heretic's Blood 2:51
8. Thousand Swords 7:56
9. Black Metal War! 2:05
Run Time: 50:31