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The bludgeoning debut album from synthwave/slasherwave superstar – GosT. GosT's album "Behemoth" takes everything we've learned to love about the retro scene and stabs the shit out of it, injecting gobs of late night danceclub desperation, dissonant slasher soundtrack hits, and references galore to the metal scene he grew up on. The debut sold out of its first vinyl pressing in 15 minutes and is now published on CD for the first time ever!



1. Beyond
2. Genesee Avenue
3. Night Crawler
4. Master
5. Reign in Hell
6. Tongue
7. Without a Trace (feat. Hayley Stewart)
8. Ripper
9. Bathory Bitch
10. Sacrament
11. Behemoth
12. Reign in Hell (Dance with the Dead remix)
13. Behemoth (Perturbator remix)