Forteresse - Par Hauts Bois et Vastes Plaines CD

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"For its third album, Forteresse takes a more hypnotic and introspective approach and offers a majestic and melancholic opus that is sure to appeal to the fans of the group. Athros' voice, Moribond's sweeping guitar melodies and that ever cold and raw sound, all trademarks of the band, are as overpresent as always, but the ouftit has also developed it's atmospheric side by adding keyboards passages that add an ambiant touch Forteresse's own Métal Noir Québécois."


1. Untitled I 8:16
2. Untitled II 1:23 (Instrumental)
3. Untitled III 10:23
4. Untitled IV 4:35
5. Untitled V 6:41
6. Untitled VI 1:29 (Instrumental)
7. Untitled VII 3:34

Run Time: 36:21