Emperor - Prometheus - The Discipline Of Fire & Demise CD

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A much colder, but no less technical effort rounded off Emperor's distinguished recording career. The Metal elements of "IX..." though still apparent are scaled down and Ihsahn uses his clean vocal style too much better effect.


This was pretty much a decade on from when most of the second wave bands had formed and so experimentation was rife, however Emperor managed to retain a core of icy Black Metal riffs amongst the curve balls and bombast deliver once more.




  1. The Eruption 6:28
  2. Depraved 6:33
  3. Empty 4:16
  4. The Prophet 5:41
  5. The Tongue Of Fire 7:10
  6. In The Wordless Chamber 5:13
  7. Grey 5:05
  8. He Who Sought The Fire 5:29
  9. Thorns On My Grave 5:56

Run Time: 43:33