Emperor - Emperor / Wrath of the Tyrant CD

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Re-release of the "Emperor" EP and "Wrath of the Tyrant" demo with a remastered sound (done in part by Samoth) and a different introduction.
"Emperor" was recorded December 1992 at Studio S while "Wrath Of The Tyrant" was recorded on a 4-track home studio in May 1992 and unsurprisingly has a more raw and what would later be termed "Necro" sound.


1. I Am the Black Wizards 6:16
2. Wrath of the Tyrant 4:14
3. Night of the Graveless Souls 3:10
4. Cosmic Keys to My Creations & Times 6:22
5. Introduction 1:09
6. Ancient Queen 3:15
7. My Empire's Doom 4:31
8. Forgotten Centuries 2:49
9. Night of the Graveless Souls 2:54
10.Moon over Kara-Shehr 4:23
11. Witches Sabbath 5:40
12. Lord of the Storms 2:08
13. Wrath of the Tyrant  3:56
Run Time: 50:47

Bonus Enhanced Material Includes:
Very rare, exclusive footage of pre-Nightside rehearsals and Live footage from Emperor's first tour in 1993 - where Cradle of Filth supported at the London show