Amon Amarth - With Oden on Our Side CD

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This is where Amon Amarth reached their first tremendous peak with stand out songs aplenty, announcing themselves as not main support but tour and festival headliners, POWERFUL!


    1. Valhall Awaits Me 4:43
    2. Runes To My Memory 4:32
    3. Asator 3:04
    4. Hermod's Ride To Hel - Lokes Treachery Part I 4:40
    5. Gods Of War Arise 6:02
    6. With Oden On Our Side 4:34
    7. Cry Of The Black Birds 3:49
    8. Under The Northern Star 4:17
    9. Prediction Of Warfare 6:36

    Run Time: 42:17

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