Absu - Abzu Digipak CD

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2011 album that sees Absu further delving into themes of occultism and magick on this second album of their new trilogy that at the time of writing still awaits completion seven years on.

1. Earth Ripper 3:47
2. Circles of the Oath 5:12
3. Abraxas Connexus 3:53
4. Skrying in the Spirit Vision 3:52
5. Ontologically, It Became Time & Space 4:47
6. A Song for Ea Including: A. E-A, B. A Myriad of Portals, C. Third Tablet, D. Warren of Imhullu, E. The Waters - The Denizens, F. E-A (Reprise) 14:27

Run Time: 35:58