Abduction - To Further Dreams of Failure CD

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One man Black Metal cataclysm from the depressed heartland of Britain!

The 5 track full length by main-man A|V remains as consistent and personal as ever. Effortlessly moving between various shades of black, yet ever present and ever despairing. A torturous self evaluation of human existence that arrives at a grandious, spectral conclusion.

'To Further Dreams of Failure' is a powerful first chapter in a body of work that continues to shatter expectations." Inferna Profundus

1. Self Burial Ceremony 6:29
2. Miser Destructor 3:14
3. Usurper in the House of God 8:09
4. To Further Dreams of Failure 6:12
5. Catacomb Chant 7:07

Run Time: 31:11