Monarque - Lys Noir CD

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"Monarque's third full length album and without a doubt the most accomplished to date. Always remaining in the occult and classic side of Black Metal, while paying homage to the early symphonic movement here and there, the band also infuses its very distinctive epic and melancholic side that has earned it many fans worldwide... Lys Noir will haunt those who venture into its bleak universe.


1. L'appel de la nuit 07:26
2. Vigor mortis 06:20
3. La quintessence du mal 04:42
4. Solitude 02:49 (instrumenta)l
5. Mes condoléances 07:27
6. Au seuil des ténèbres (Frozen Shadows cover) 04:37
7. Comme les vers; sous la bannière du lys noir 03:44
Run Time: 37:05